We have four core values that we strive to embed in everything we do for our clients:

Freedom of Choice

We believe that our clients should have freedom of choice in the solution that we implement and manage for them.  We believe that fiduciary management is about empowering trustees to achieve their strategic objectives.  That means that we don’t strive to take control away, but strive to enhance the control of trustees.  Our clients decide what their strategic goals are and what decisions they want to delegate to us, in what manner, and to what extent.  Every client will have different answers to these questions.  Not just because of differences in liabilities, but also because every trustee and every sponsor has different preferences, concerns, and objectives.  The only real fiduciary management solution is therefore a bespoke solution.

Pro-Actively Engaged

Our clients and their interests are our sole focus. We pro-actively engage with our clients to achieve a shared understanding of their challenges and strategic objectives. We will offer clear-cut advice that is most likely to achieve our client’s strategic goals.  And we will implement your strategy with the same concern for quality, cost, and risk that you would have yourself.  We don’t just answer questions and we don’t just provide options: we take responsibility and are accountable for the results.


Trust is fundamental to the success of pension schemes.  Trustees must therefore be able to trust their strategic partners.  Trust must be earned, not just at the start of the relationship, but every single day.  In order to earn that trust, we must be transparent in every aspect of the services we provide. Clear contracts and service level agreements, openness about potential conflicts of interest, and integrated reporting that demonstrates what decisions were made, why they were made, and whether the decisions and their results are consistent with the agreed objectives.


The environment in which pension schemes must operate is dynamic: laws, regulations, investment opportunities and risks, and technology change continuously.  As a strategic partner for our clients, we must anticipate these changes and innovate.  We therefore invest continuously in our ability to innovate in a risk-controlled manner by researching and developing investment using new financial instruments, asset classes and strategies and by investing in new systems and technology. After all, our clients expect not just the best solution today, but tomorrow as well.